LegalZoom Incorporation Services Review: Incorporate A Business Online With LegalZoom

LegalZoom is one of, if not the most, popular and widely used corporation service companies online. In fact, they are a huge online legal services provider.They have the capacity and infrastructure to service many documentation requirements of any business – from name search and incorporation to maintaining and changing your corporation.At the heart of LegalZoom are several lawyers, one of whom is the well-known Robert Shapiro. It’s important to note that real USA attorneys are at the forefront of LegalZoom so you know your business is in good hands.Of course a huge benefit of using a corporation service such as LegalZoom is the money you save in setting up your business and then maintaining your corporation so that it remains up-to-date every year.Here’s a listing of the corporation services LegalZoom provides:Business FormationsIncorporations
LLC (Limited Liability Companies)
DBA/Business Names
Non-Profit Corporation
Partnership Agreements
Joint Venture Agreements
LP (Limited Partnership)
Limited Liability Partnerships
501(c)(3) ApplicationsKeeping Your Company in Good StandingCorporate Minutes
Annual Reports
Initial Reports
Joint Venture Agreements
Partnership Agreements
Registered Agent ServicesOther Business ServicesAmendments
Bylaws and Resolutions
Certificates of Good Standing
Domain Registrations
Entity Name Check
Foreign Qualifications
Entity Name Reservations
Operating Agreements
Seller’s Permits
State Tax ID
Business Licenses
Certified Copies
Canadian IncorporationsLegalZoom Corporation Service Pricing*LegalZoom offers 3 incorporation packages:1. Economy package for $99Your proposed company name is searched to ensure you can use it.
Your Articles of Incorporation of prepared and filed.
You can have customized corporate bylaws prepared and filed.
Your Resolutions from the first meeting of your board of directors are prepared.2. Standard package for $239Includes all the corporation services in the Economy package plus:
A deluxe corporate kit (binder and up to 20 share certificates) with your company name.
An official company seal
Medical expense plan forms
A license for Peachtree accounting software3. Express Gold package for $369Includes everything in the Standard package plus:
Priority expedited service (7 – 10 business days – note that delays may result from the processing with the State)
More than forty business forms on a compact disc.
Federal Tax ID (EIN) application preparation
S Corporation election preparation
The final package is delivered to you via 2 day FedEX service.LegalZoom offers many benefits to any business – such as:Search company names
Expedited corporation services (note that there may be delays by the State in which you are incorporating)
Customized corporate documents – you aren’t restricted to boilerplate or template documents
Save money on your incorporation costs – as well as your ongoing paperwork requirements for your company
Spare yourself the hassle and uncertainty in setting up your own incorporation
LegalZoom offers a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee
LegalZoom is experienced with having served more than 1,000,000 customers
The Better Business Bureau gives LegalZoom an A+ rating
Easy 3-step incorporation process.How You Incorporate with LegalZoomOf course there are many other corporation services offered by LegalZoom – each process different. However, the basic incorporation process is a simple 3 step-process which is as follows:STEP 1:You, as the incorporator, complete an incorporation questionnaire which essentially explains how you would like your company set up.STEP 2:LegalZoom takes the information from your complete questionnaire and prepares the necessary documents. LegalZoom also files your documents with your indicated State. One advantage with using LegalZoom is they review your responses and if there is anything unusual, they will discuss this with you.STEP 3:Once LegalZoom receives your completed corporation documents, they forward them to you as well as other documents you requested be completed and filed.LegalZoom Customer ServiceWhenever you use online services, there’s always a concern about being able to easily and quickly contact the service. LegalZoom makes it very easy to contact them via numerous methods. They are:Via email;
Toll free telephone number;
By post to 1 of their 2 office locations in LA, California and/or Austin, Texas; and
When you hire LegalZoom, you’re given your own account which you can log in to.LegalZoom in the MediaLegalZoom is a pretty high-profile corporation service. They’ve been featured by many national and global media giants including:MSNBC
The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal
Fox News
CBSLegalZoom, is what I call a legal services giant having served over a million customers.

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Children’s Sports and Maintaining Optimum Health

Children’s sports and activities are a focal point of modern society. Between soccer games and gymnastics practice, parents are constantly on the move from one event to another! Health is the most important thing we have in life and it can sometimes be overlooked in the hustle of daily life. Here are some important steps to follow to keep your growing children happy and healthy:-Proper warm up’s along with weight lifting and stretching are common in all childhood athletics. Unfortunately, many children are taught the incorrect methods to these activities, or are allowed to perform them incorrectly on a regular basis. Doing so creates abnormal stressors on the vertebrae, bones, muscles and other tissues. It is key that parents ensure that their children are learning and practicing the correct techniques in these practices. Check in with your child’s coach, watch them during a practice, and follow up by having them show you their technique at home, or on personal time. This allows the parent to have a watchful eye on what their child is doing. (This does require knowledge on the parent’s part. You cannot correct behaviors that you do not know are wrong.)-Nutrition is something that you can’t afford to mess around with when your child is growing and also an active athlete. In order for them to reach their full potential the fuel they put in their body must be good fuel full of vitamins and nutrients that the cells need! Ensuring your child eats a breakfast each morning that includes proteins such as eggs and bacon (yes, bacon can be healthy in moderation and if you purchase a brand that does not cure their product) will start the body’s metabolic process and provide fuel for your child’s morning. Eating a small and healthy meal before and after practices or games will allow replenishment to take place and keep the body’s metabolism operating at its peak. Encourage your child to avoid products that are loaded with sugars like sports drinks.-Hydration is key. The body is comprised primarily of water and without it our brain functioning decreases, or body functions are impaired and serious complications from dehydration can occur. It is recommended that active children need 8-10 glasses of water per day (80-100 oz.) to maintain optimum performance. Sport-drink products can be skipped, as they often contain ingredients that can work against the hydration efforts of the body. Plain water is the best option for children during their day. It is especially important to keep hydrated during games and practices to ensure optimum athletic performance.-Vitamin supplementation has been a hot topic in recent circles. There have been a number of mainstream news articles questioning the efficiency and health benefits of vitamin supplement use. The facts from these studies are often misconstrued and manipulated to benefit a specific point of view. The reality is that a high quality daily vitamin supplement from a reputable health label can provide a growing child more benefits than harm (if any would actually exist). Taking vitamins as instructed on a label or health care provider ensures that the maximum benefits of the supplement are received. A vitamin supplement will compliment a healthy diet thus producing a healthy body. Caution is given in regards to excessive vitamin use. While some vitamins are water soluble and pass through the urine without negative impact on the body, some vitamins are fat soluble (example – Vitamin D) and cannot be passed in the urine. These fat soluble vitamins remain in the body and will build up, possibly creating negative side effects such as headaches, fatigue and nausea. In addition, avoid trendy supplements like Creatine and other “bulking” or “thinning” agents. They are not designed for children or teens to use and often have negative side effects for children and adults alike.-Sleep! As adults we crave sleep. Our lives are constantly on the go and there is often not enough time in each day to focus on getting enough sleep. We tough it out, but sleep time is when the body can rest and recuperate. Growing children need this time, as they are typically more active from their school and extracurricular activities. A minimum of 8 hours sleep is recommended for children, though I recommend they get as much as 10 hours of sleep per night for the best results. The importance of REM cycle sleep’s influence on the body’s hormonal and immune response is well documented.-Self-image can be a struggle for many children and teens. Particularly in athletics, there is an emphasis on having a certain look, muscle tone, strength, etc. Young women can be pressured to lose weight and trim body fat. It is important that they know the importance of eating a healthy diet that supports their body function versus the ill effects of starvation in an attempt to trim weight. Young men are especially susceptible to the pressures of growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass. I recommend having that conversation and talking about safe ways to achieve these results as opposed to quick result additives like dietary supplements, hormonal supplements and use of drugs like steroids.-Chiropractic care can be incorporated into many different aspects of overall health care, and active children are no exception. Just because a child seems physically fit and healthy doesn’t mean that they won’t benefit from chiropractic adjustments. Usually, most patients don’t even realize a certain part of their body was out of alignment or not performing at its best until they come in for an adjustment. With the rate of injury from sports, whether it be a minor tumble or a high impact injury, there is an increased need for proper spinal and osteopathic alignment. The brain must be able to communicate with the rest of the body in a clear and effective manor in order for the body to perform at 100%. The all natural methods used by chiropractic doctors on their patients are optimum for a growing, active child. The benefits of chiropractic adjustments for your child include: proper posture, improved muscle tone, reduced pain from injury or repetitive stress, improved immune function, balancing of hormonal functions, improved sleep, improved digestive function, improved neural and cognitive health (to name just a few).Your child’s health is one of your top concerns in life – one of the most powerful tools you have is to SHOW them how to live a healthy, active life. To your continued success!

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Wired Home Alarm VS Wireless Home Alarm Systems

In the “old” days all security systems were hard wired systems. This means that all of the alarm devices were physically connected by wire. This wire runs from the security panel to all of the door and window contacts and all of the motion sensors. These systems also had an alarm panel that was usually located in a hall closet or possibly in the attic. The keypad also had a minimum of a 4 wire conductor run to the control panel. These types of systems are still in use today and are widespread across the country.Disadvantages of a Wired Alarm SystemAn alarm system of this type has all of the features of a wireless alarm system so as far as features they can compete head to head. The problem with these systems is that a wire must be run from the control panel to any new device. This made it very tough for a Do It Yourselfer to install a security system. There is also the issue of potential damage to the physical piece of wire. The wire can be gnawed on by rodents or broken by other contractors that are in your attic for unrelated repairs. These types of repairs can be very costly because there can be a fair amount of troubleshooting involved. The actual repair can be minor but the time involved in finding what to repair can take hours.Wireless Security Alarm SystemsA wireless alarm system has a huge advantage over a wired system in that new alarm system devices can be added very easy. Even a Do It Yourselfer can add devices as needed. There are also no wires involved except for the wire to power the control panel. All of the wireless devices are operated by battery. These batteries can last for a year or more. The system is supervised so any tampering with the devices will be detected. When the batteries are getting too low to operate there is a trouble generated to notify you that it is time to change the batteries. This is very easy to do by the alarm system owner so there is not a need to make a call for service if you are just a little handy. There are no wires to speak of so there can be no damage to them.Disadvantages of a Wireless Alarm SystemThe wireless alarm system operates with batteries and even though they do last a long time they will still need to be changed at some point. If you have a large number of home security devices then the expense should be taken into account as part of the cost of maintaining the system. Another potential problem with a wireless system is the range of the alarm devices. Depending on the construction of the home or business there may be some difficulty in the control panel receiving the signal. The range can be a limitation in larger homes and might require a wireless repeater. This will increase the signal range of your wireless alarm devices but does add additional cost to the cost of the system.Hybrid Alarm SystemsThese systems are a combination of wireless and wired systems. Most wired alarm panels can be made into a hybrid type panel. You can add a module that will communicate with the wired panel and allow you to add wireless devices. There are also wireless panels that have devices that can utilize wired zones. If you have a number of wired zones already in place and you want to upgrade to a wireless system this can easily be done by using a door contact that will accommodate a fixed magnetic sensor.All in all a wireless system is much more versatile than a wired alarm system. Many alarm companies will want to install a wired system because they are using subcontractors and do not care about the amount of labor to install the system since they are paying a flat rate. If you do your home work and decide that you do want to have a wireless alarm system then do not allow yourself to be convinced that the wired is better.

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Cover Letter for Education Jobs

One of the biggest traps that teaches fall into when writing an education cover letter is to be so interested in showing of their own education that the cover letter ends up being dull and hard to read. While your level of education is certainly important, being able to capture the attention of the person reviewing your cover letter is even more important. The guidelines for writing any other kind of cover letter are equally true when writing an education cover letter.It is important to remember that how you word the things in your cover letter are just as important as information it has in it. A rule of thumb is to write like you speak. Read your letter to someone who knows you, and ask them if it sounds like you. You may be the most qualified teacher that has applied for the job, but if no one reads what you’ve written your qualifications won’t do you any good. You have to be able to engage the reader, and make them want to take a closer look.A word of warning here; don’t just cut-and-paste a free education cover letter sample. While they may have some limited use as reference for structure, there is nothing unique or interesting. Hiring managers see a lot of these types of cover letters, and they will not capture their attention.You’re a unique individual, and your education cover letter needs to show that. Do not be afraid of letting a little of your emotion and personality shine through. If you love certain parts of your job, say so. If you are passionate about making you area of expertise come alive for your students, say so. Remember, they are hiring someone who can engage and instruct children. They are looking for a real person. If your cover letter is dull and lifeless, what does that say about you?Make each education cover letter unique to the specific position to which you are applying. “I am applying for a teaching position at your school” is dull and generic. “I am applying for the History Teachers position at Betty Boop Elementary School” is much more specific, and is much more likely to capture the hiring managers attention.You will need to limit your cover letter to one page, so you will not be able to mention every qualification you have. Focus on a few qualifications and accomplishments that are the most important. Make sure you relate those to the specific position, and how it makes you a better candidate. In business this is referred to as Competitive Advantage. Why should they choose you over the other people that have applied for the same position? This means you have to do more than give a list of skills. Your resume already does that. You have to tell them why you’re the best person for the job.Do not finish your letter without asking for an interview. Successful sales people will tell you that there is power in asking. It encourages the reader to take action. After you have asked for the interview, give your contact information. Do not make the reader have to track your phone number down in your resume, give it to them. You want to make contacting you as easy as possible. Finish off your cover letter by letting them know when you will be following up. Give a specific date when you will follow up, then remember to call on that date.Always remember to check your grammar and spelling before you send your cover letter anywhere. With the abilities to check this with most word processing software, there’s really no excuse for letting mistakes slip through, especially for someone trying to get a job in education. Run the checkers, then re-read your cover letter aloud to find any mistakes the software might have missed. If there are any mistakes or areas that are unclear, this is your chance to make corrections.There is a lot of competition for jobs in education. In order to get one of these jobs, you have to get noticed. Your chance to make a good first impression is your cover letter. If it doesn’t get noticed, neither will you. Show the people doing the hiring that you are a unique person with the skills and abilities to engage and educate children. Show them you’re alive.

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Military Loans for Up to $20,000: What to Do to Qualify With Bad Credit

As most military members and their families are aware, with the state of the current financial system and the state of the payment system for men and women who serve, meeting each month’s financial obligations can be tough. However, because of their dedication and their service, military members, both current and retired, can qualify for special personal loans up to $20,000.Using a Personal LoanPersonal loans, also called unsecured loans, can be used for many different ends. Unlike secured loans which rely on collateral, personal loans are given without regard to property and do not put borrower’s other holdings at risk. Personal loans are often taken for many reasons, but one of the best uses for personal loans is debt consolidation. For a military family juggling several bills including credit cards, consolidating all payments into one each month can help them both manage payments as well as work towards being debt-free.What to Expect: Loans up to $20,000Unlike traditional personal loans, military loans are designed only for men and women serving or who have served in the military (veterans). These loans are therefore easier to qualify for than those personal loans offered to civilians since they take military service, pay, and character into consideration as well as other factors such as credit.Military personal loans can be given in any amount up to $20,000 and are really the best option available for those who qualify. Generally, military loans are given through both military credit unions as well as private lenders. Knowing that there are options in terms of lenders can help military members to find the best loan deal possible.In addition, for those looking for a lower interest rate, military loans are also given as secured loans. This means borrowers who own a home or land can use the value of their property to secure their loan and, as a result, enjoy lower interest rates.Bad Credit Is OkayMilitary personal loans are by no means guaranteed. Though qualification for these loans is easier than for traditional loans, credit score, income, and other factors will still come into play when lenders look at applications. Therefore, military members with bad credit should consider the possibility of asking for a secured loan over an unsecured loan if this is possible. It is also advised that borrowers with bad credit err on the side of caution and ask for lower amounts of money. Military loans are available for up to $20,000, but those amounts tend to be reserved for those with the better credit scores and higher income. Also, including a spouse as a cosigner could be a good option. As long as one of the two borrowers is a military member, military loans are still an option.Making the Right ChoiceWhen it comes to any sort of borrowing, it is essential to take time and make the right choice. Military personal loans are offered for up to $20,000 and, for certain people, this is really a great deal. Bad credit and no credit will come into play, however, so borrowers that do not meet credit requirements should consider using a secured loan, asking for lower amounts of money, or getting a spouse with higher credit and income to cosign.

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